Sure-fire enterprise solutions

GEM create scalable & robust solutions that can be deployed to web, mobile and enterprise platforms.
We specialise in creating robust, scalable line-of-business solutions for web, mobile and windows platforms. We create value by streamlining your business processes, and allowing your team to get on with business without IT getting in the way. Read More
With our experience in the online arena we can help you identify your target markets and getting your message and your product across to them. We can assist with delivering your message through multiple channels, while delivering measurable results. Read More
We are exceptionally good at coming up with creative solutions to tie your products together. Let us help you help your products work together. See our portfolio for examples of how we have helped other clients do the same. Read More

With our vast real-world experience we have a proven track-record of helping clients to solve their IT challenges and improving their business efficiency.

Software as an Investment

Time is money. Every hour you save is an hour you can spend on making more money or keeping your customers happier. Our team will help tailor-craft solutions that will enhance your business efficiency and efficacy, in turn improving your bottom-line. It makes business sense! Let us help you identify key areas for improvement and provide the solution to improving your business, large or small. See our portfolio for an idea of how we have helped other customers leverage IT/software/web.

Products and Services

Integrate Autotask and Pastel Accounting

We support Pastel Partner v11 and v12, and Pastel My Business Online.

Do you use Autotask and Pastel? Get our integration service to streamline your invoicing process and eliminate manual, duplicate work.

gemSync for Autotask will automatically synchronise customers, products and invoices.

Offering includes:

  • All maintenance and feature updates
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Evolving product - your input directly affects the feature roadmap!

gemSync lives in the cloud, ensuring full scalability and incredible reliability!
Our team offers full support to get you up and running, and keep things running smoothly in the most efficient way possible.

Systems Integrations

Whether it's an SSIS package, a flat file processor or web service integration, we can help you. We can transform, map, massage and process anything from csv or tab delimited, to fixed length or other legacy format file, or integration any web service automation.

Contact us for payment gateway, social media platform and custom application integrations.

Typical Integrations

Workflow Application Pastel
Workflow / Web Application Payment Gateway
Time & Attendance Payroll
Email Ticket support tool / helpdesk

Do you want to add Debit Orders to your business process? We can help you automate the tedious task of collections.

We are an authorised 3rd Party Developer for Sage Pastel and can assist with any integrations for Sage Pastel accounting software.

Web Application Development

Bespoke web development

Specialising in web application development for over 10 years, we have the coding skills and more importantly the experience in developing web apps. With agile development processes we can make your web application a success in the shortest amount of time possible. With our extensive experience in business requirement analysis, problem resolution, planning of scalability and more, we will provide trustworthy opinion throughout the project lifecycle. We adopt all the best practice methodologies for database design, test-case based code and scalable architecture.

All work is done in-house at our offices in Johannesburg by our team of rockstar developers and managers.

Mobile App Development

Mobile development for native apps on smartphones and tablets

We develop mobile applications and interfaces that will help you leverage the power of mobile connectivity. This includes business applications, websites or social networking tools. Tired of your existing application – let us rejuvenate it by creating a mobile version. The world is waiting for your app.

We can develop and deploy mobile applications across a host of mobile platforms and devices including, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Business in a Box

Starting an online business?

We can offer you a complete shopping cart solution up and running in as little as a day*.

GEM provides a managed service - we take care of the IT side so you can focus on your business.

We operate on a business partnership basis. The better we do our job, the more money you make.

Key Points

  • Up and running in as little as a day
  • Managed service - we take care of the IT side so you can focus on your business
  • Integration to Sage Pastel accounting software - your accountant will love it!
  • Ready-to-go credit card billing
  • Easy order management
  • Email campaign management software included
  • Customer loyalty reward points systems